Helium Facilities

Development of advanced scientific technologies, researches in fundamental physics, energetics, superconductivity effect, cosmonautics and instrument engineering predetermined the national economy’s demand in cryogenic helium systems. Cryogenmash is one of the pioneers of their practical creation and application. We have made the basis for designing new helium systems of free configuration on the ground of our own research-and-technology achievements approved in practice.


Currently, the company is ready to carry out the complete complex of works on design, manufacture, putting into operation of the following helium systems:

  • Helium liquefiers of 200 up to 2400 l/hr capacity;
  • Refrigerators of 50 up to 3000 W cooling power at temperature of 20 1,5 K°;
  • Cryostats of 100 m3 and above capacity, including cryostats with lead-in wires;
  • Cryogenic helium tanks of 1.25, 16 and 40 m3 capacity with highly-efficient insulation and nitrogen screen;
  • Cryogenic helium pipelines with additional heat-insulation screens;
  • Cryogenic shields of superconducting cables of rigid and flexible design;
  • Cryogenic equipment for superconducting motors and generators, energy accumulators and magnetohydrodynamic generators with superconductive magnets;
  • Systems for helium compression, purification and disposal, heat exchange equipment, turboexpanders and valves.


On Customer’s request and with regard to all Customer’s requirments, Cryogenmash specialists are ready to prepare technical and commercial offer on a cryogenic system or any kind of helium facilities that you are interested in.

Cryogenmash carried out a great R&D complex, and supplied cryogenic helium systems to a number of scientific centers.

Cryogenic helium equipment of Cryogenmash produce is supplied to the customer at the maximum factory readiness for mounting, and operated successfully in Russia and abroad.

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Short Reference List





I. V. Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy, Moscow

Cryostat TOKAMAK-7 with superconductive magnet system

 Helium refrigerator of 180 l/h capacity.



I. V. Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy, Moscow

Test bed of magnetic systems 

Helium cryogenic system ТОКАМАК-15



Joint Institute for High Temperatures, Moscow

Cryogenic system МГДЭС-100 of 100 mW generator.


Institute for High Energy Physics, Protvino

Cryogenic system of the ASC (accelerating-storage complex) magnets calibration stand


Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk

Cryogenic system of accelerator ВЭПП-4


CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

ЛЭП-200 Cryogenic pipelines of LEP accelerator for liquid helium supply to resonators


Space centre SHAR, Индия

Helium fine purification system with the low-temperature purification package НО-10/70 (10 rg/h at 70 K)


IREL Kalpakkam, India

Set of helium liquefier ОГ-300 equipment. 

Oil purification and helium drying unit.


Institute for High Energy Physics, Protvino

Set of superfluid helium pipelines for cooling power sources of magnetic field correction.