Training of personnel high-demand vocational professions have been discussed by CEOs of Balashikha companies

02.10.2023 On28th of September Cryogenmash held the working conference, concerning the training of personnel of the most high-demand professions for Balashikha companies. The participants of the meeting included: deputies of the Moscow Region Duma Taras Efimov, Lev Zakirov ad Elena Mokrinskaya; president of Balashikha Chamber of Commerce and Industry Anatoliy Shestakov; representatives of municipal administration, CEOs of the largest companies of the city and of educational establishments of intermediate vocational education.

“The most high-demand between the vocational professions are the turners, metalworkers, welders, process men plus IT-specialists. The major load during the training of such specialists is on the municipal colleges and technical schools. The companies must invest in the personnel training system, participate in updating of training programs and of the material and technical base of vocational education institutes”, — noted Anatoliy Shestakov.

General Director of JSC “Cryogenmash”, Dmitriy Kuznetsov, said about the specific features of the company activity and the training of personnel based on the Balashikha technical school. With the assistance of Cryogenmash, the welding class was restored at the educational establishment and was provided with equipment and consumables for conducting practical classes.

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